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I am a black woman and around my mouth I have a dark patch of skin. What would you recommend to eliminate it?
General - 1 answer
Also do you have a doctor to recommend to help with the black heads on my inner thighs? Read more
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Why do I get blisters on my fingers and sores on my body if I eat processed sugar, oatmeal, butter, ordinary wheat flour, honey, or milk?
General - 1 answer
I'm 30 years old. It's been like this since December 2016. I saw a doctor in April 2017 (before I realized the connection between sugar & the outbreaks) who took pictures and sent them to a dermatologist, and e... Read more
I’m only 16 and have a very rosy complexion firey cheeks and nose and I’m considering going to the doctor to get prescribed erythromycin for rosacea.
I’m very fair skin, blue eyes, but I’m debating if it is actually rosacea that I’m suffering from or just a natural rosy Irish complexion. I’m so confused and don’t want to be wasting more money on ro... Read more
Is there a cure for holes on the face caused by pimples?
Acne Treatment - 3 answers
My cheeks are mostly affected by pimples and holes. Is there a treatment or medicine for this? Read more
How to treat skin rashes caused by chemical peels? My rashes are red, itchy and have blisters. After some days the blisters dried out.
Chemical Peels - 1 answer
I used a chemical peel on my skin and after 4 days I peeled off some on my skin. Then, when I woke up the following day the part that was peeled had rashes. It was already a week and the blisters on my rashes d... Read more
Why is my skin still burning after laser hair removal that was done 6 weeks ago?
The burning of my skin is mostly on one side of the face around the upper lip and cheek. The skin burned for 3 days after treatment, calmed down then started again last week during those 90* plus temps. I was... Read more
I am a 22 yr old male and I have a really fair, light complexion. This has resulted in freckles on my forehead that I want removed.
Chemical Peels - 2 answers
My freckles are not black as the night as I avoid sun exposure when I can, but they are super noticeable on my forehead and I just really want them gone. I want to remove them with a chemical peel and possibly ... Read more
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