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Can mesotherapy and a chemical peel be done on the same day?
Acne Treatment - 1 answer
Can I have a mesotherapy and chemical peel done on the dame day? My doctor did both the procedures back to back on same day on my active acne.
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I'm looking to have liposuction done. Do surgeons or technicians perform the procedure?
Liposuction - 3 answers
Should I look for certain qualifications or certifications?
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Is there a non invasive permanent procedure for chin augmentation?
BOTOX - 5 answers
I read a chin augmentation using fillers would require re-application every 3 months. Is there something more permanent or at least require treatment every year?
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What makes someone a good candidate for smart lipo?
SmartLipo - 3 answers
I'm about 5'6, I used to weigh 295 but now I'm 278, I heard about smart lipo and laser lipo and was wondering if I am a good candidate for that procedure.
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What type of lip filler gives lasting results?
BOTOX - 1 answer
i want more long lasting volume.
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I have very sensitive skin. Would dermabrasion be a good option?
Dermabrasion - 1 answer
My skin reacts negatively to anything that I touch. If i slightly scratch it or my clothes rub onto my skin, it swells up and itches like crazy. My skin rises and tuns red wherever I have scratched. This often happens on my face as well. I wanted to try dermabrasion but given my skin irritation issues, would that be a good idea?
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My eye shape changed after I had Botox. They are now smaller and hold a very different shape. Are the changes permanent?
BOTOX - 3 answers
My eye shape has change for the worse. They look smaller with saggy lids after 12 units Botox in my forehead and temples. I've totally changed the shape of my eye shape and size. My eyes had an exotic look and now that's lost. I saw the change happen in my left eye first and now my right eye has caught up. my left eye also has extra sagging in the lid giving them a lopsided appearance.Will my cat eye like shape and size return? If so how long? Is there any chance of permanent change?
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What is the recommended SPF for daily use? I'm using 15 SPF daily.
Accent XL - 4 answers
Should i increase the SPF to 30 or higher?
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Is Lapex Laser Lipo safe for a person who is prone to blood clots?
Lapex Laser Lipo - 1 answer
I have a medical condition that causes blood clots to form. I take warfarin (Coumadin) to prevent them. Given my condition, is it okay to have Lapex Laser Lipo?
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I have two brown spots that I would like to get rid of. I have tried lotions but what treatments exist to remove them?
Facial - 5 answers
I’ve tried removing them with bleaching and a lotion called Age3derm, which only made them darker.
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