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Belotero Balance Questions

I had a tear through filler procedure 11 days ago and I still have a "ball" of swelling under my left eye. Is this normal?
Belotero Balance -1 answer
Is there anything I can do to reduce the swelling at this stage? Read more
There is a lot of bruising around my mouth after having belotero and botox injections, how long before the bruising goes away?
Belotero Balance -1 answer
I had belotero and botox for smokers lines yesterday. Since the treatments, I've noticed a lot of bruising around my mouth. It looks like I was in a car accident. How long till the bruising goes away? The swell... Read more
My smile has changed since having Belotero injections, what should I do?
Belotero Balance -1 answer
My dermatologist injected Belotero around my mouth, but now my smile has changed and I have new wrinkles radiating from around my mouth like whiskers. Was this too much product in the corners of the mouth or in... Read more

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