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Ultherapy Questions

Can Ultherapy be performed after having radiation to the neck and parotid gland?
Ultherapy -1 answer
I had a neck dissection over 6 months ago and 6 1/2 weeks of radiation. All in all, everything was completed just over 3 months. Has anyone had Ultherapy after radiation to the head and neck? If so, is it safe... Read more
Can I have fillers injected at the same time as Ultherapy?
Ultherapy -2 answers
Can I have fillers like Voluma, Radiesse, & Botox injected at the same times as my Ultherapy procedure? Read more
How long do I have to wait after being treated with Exilis before I can get Ultherapy on the same area of my face?
Ultherapy -1 answer
I had an Exilis skin tightening treatment 4 months ago on my lower face and neck, but I want to improve the results by undergoing Ultherapy. How long do I need to wait before I can have this new treatment? Read more
After a face lift, how long should I wait before having an Ultherapy brow lift?
Ultherapy -4 answers
I recently had a face lift and now want an ultherapy brow lift. How long should I wait before having the brow lift? Read more
Is Ultherapy useful for the neck bands aquired from aging?
Ultherapy -3 answers
I am 62 and don't have a double chin or neck fat, just two bands that look a little like a turkey. A face lift is out of the question for me. Will Ultherapy work? Read more
Is ulthera approved for use on all skin types and colors?
Ultherapy -1 answer
Can this procedure be used on people of color? All of the testimonials have been on lighter skin people. Read more

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