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Is there a cure for holes on the face caused by pimples?
Acne Treatment - 1 month ago2 answers
My cheeks are mostly affected by pimples and holes. Is there a treatment or medicine for this?
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How to treat skin rashes caused by chemical peels? My rashes are red, itchy and have blisters. After some days the blisters dried out.
Chemical Peels - 1 month ago1 answer
I used a chemical peel on my skin and after 4 days I peeled off some on my skin. Then, when I woke up the following day the part that was peeled had rashes. It was already a week and the blisters on my rashes dried out and my skin turned out to be so rough. Can I apply aloe vera gel on it? Thank you for your answer.
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I have sarcoidosis and would like to know if it will be alright to get Dermal fillers.
Dermal Fillers - 1 month ago2 answers
Have it on my lungs and lymph nodes on my neck.
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Why is my skin still burning after laser hair removal that was done 6 weeks ago?
Laser Hair Removal - 1 month ago1 answer
The burning of my skin is mostly on one side of the face around the upper lip and cheek. The skin burned for 3 days after treatment, calmed down then started again last week during those 90* plus temps. I was not in the sun and I wear SPF daily always. I do have autoimmune issues, so I don't know if that is playing a part.
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I am a 22 yr old male and I have a really fair, light complexion. This has resulted in freckles on my forehead that I want removed.
Chemical Peels - 2 months ago1 answer
My freckles are not black as the night as I avoid sun exposure when I can, but they are super noticeable on my forehead and I just really want them gone. I want to remove them with a chemical peel and possibly use natural methods avoiding expensive laser treatment. What do you recommend?
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Spots and acne on face
General - 3 months ago2 answers
I am 29 years old. My face was clear but for the past few months, there are few brown spots and continuous emerging acne, resulting in spots. What should I do? Please help!
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What could I do about my lips?
General - 3 months ago1 answer
My lips were smaller and regular when i was smaller. But I am 16 and they are bigger, which was "normal to most doctors" but I don't believe so. Also they are constantly chapped and bleeding, with tons of wrinkles. What kind of help do I need to get?
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A medium medical grade chemical peel didn't peel my face. Is it still working?
Chemical Peels - 4 months ago1 answer
The doctor applied it and said my face would peel in 2 days, but it's 4 days now and no signs of peeling. I want to diminish acne scars and hyperpigmentation. She said I need 4 more peelings, but I'm not sure if they will work because I see no skin peeling. Thanks.
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Chemical peels for African American skin?
Chemical Peels - 5 months ago1 answer
I would like to know if getting a chemical peel for severely scarred skin will be effective? Also, what is the downtime when you've had the procedure? How often will you need to have chemical peels before seeing results?
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How can I remove a pimple on my face?
Skin Care & Cosmetic Products - 7 months ago1 answer
I have one pimple on my face and I don't know what to use to remove it.
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Can cystic acne go away?
Acne Treatment - 8 months ago1 answer
I have cystic acne and I was wondering if it can go away. My doctors are really trying to make it go away but the medicine isn't really working.
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Do you need to get Botox before laser procedure?
Laser Resurfacing - 9 months ago2 answers
I am considering getting a laser procedure and so is my friend, but the specialist she consulted with suggested she get Botox first. Mine, on the other hand, did not. Do you recommend Botox before a laser procedure?
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I have had a ringworm for the last 5 days. After applying a topical cream for 3 days, the area feels like it's burning. What happened?
General - 10 months ago1 answer
I have been suffering from a ringworm for 5 days. For the last three days I've been using beclomethasone dipropionate, but since yesterday the area feels like it's burning. What happened?
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Can IPL treatments harm your fetus if you are pregnant?
FotoFacial/IPL Treatments - 11 months ago1 answer
Do IPL devices leave behind radiation or any other harmful agents that could pass on to or affect a fetus in a woman who is pregnant?
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I received botox for my crow's feet and now I have all these wrinkles on my cheeks that were not there previously. What should I do?
BOTOX - 12 months ago1 answer
I had botox injected into my crow's feet two weeks ago. It left me with a lot of wrinkles on my cheeks. I also feel as if the lines under my eyes are being pulled down. I was never told of any side effects. I was also interested in getting very fine lip lines done with botox but rejected the idea after reading about the possible consequences. I am a communicator/TV host and didn't want to take the chance. The injector wasn't concerned about bad results. What do I do?
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