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Collagen Questions

Why has my smile changed three months post-dermal fill? Can anything be done about it?
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I had a type of bovine collagen filler for my marionette lines, minor lines above my upper lip and to raise my cheeks. My lip and area above are too big. Also, there are lumps on the top of each side. 3 months post-treatment, my smile has turned into only a joker smile or one in which my upper gums show. This recent change is upsetting. Is my only hope to have it dissolved? Does this happen to others sometimes?
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Does skin produce Collagen?
Collagen -1 answer
Can the skin not produce collagen? Can you deplete the skin after years of collagen treatments?
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Can collagen be injected into the lips?
Collagen -2 answers
Is this what is injected for larger lips?
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