Types of Professionals Who Provide Triniti

Triniti is a skin care process that offers a three step approach to get immediate and long-lasting results for clearer, more radiant skin and a more youthful look. Triniti offers more than just a visible change, but is about getting deep into the cellular level of the skin to change the cells and the way the function for longer-lasting results. It's a non-surgical procedure, but does require a trained specialist to perform the sessions.

This product combines three treatments in one which includes:

  • Fotofacial RF
  • Refirme Skin Tightening
  • Matrix IR Fractional for Wrinkles


Many dermatologists are now offering this treatment to clients who suffer from a number of skin conditions, including age spots, sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines. Because of the complex treatments, Triniti can be used for a number of things and yield desired results on a medical level.

Spa Technicians

Spas all over the country are now offering Triniti treatments. Clients are able to get incredible results at their favorite spa from the technicians they know and trust. Spa technicians are often trained in multiple procedures and treatments which makes their spa a one-stop shop.


Cosmetology isn't only about makeup anymore. Many cosmetologists are professionals in skin care as well. Since they know how skin is affected by makeup, age and the world around us, they are a trusted source for skin care treatment.

Triniti offers amazing results in only three sessions and have a large family of technicians who perform the treatments. Many see immediate results and full results; all treatments are long lasting and help protect your skin.

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