Alternative Procedures to Triniti

Among the latest cosmetic, skin-rejuvenation treatments, Triniti is being increasingly sought by people wanting to eradicate signs of aging from their facial skin. Triniti is counted among the more comprehensive of anti-aging technologies as it combines three proven skin-tightening and skin-rejuvenation procedures. Every Triniti treatment is essentially a combination of:

  • Skin Tightening through ReFirme
  • Color Correction through Fotofacial RF
  • Internal skin rejuvenation through Matrix IR Fractional

Triniti is widely regarded to be one of the safest skin-tightening treatments. However, to make a well-informed choice, any individual considering a non-surgical, anti-aging skin treatment should have a basic understanding about alternative procedures to Triniti.

Photodynamic Therapy or PDT Skin Treatment

This is also among the more recent of non-surgical skin treatments, ideally suited for people looking to remove their wrinkles and other age spots in an undemanding manner. Photodynamic Therapy is reputed to be an effective treatment for acne lesions that are usually very hard-to-treat. In fact, PDT is often recommended to people suffering from a chronic case of acne. Here, PDT is used as a treatment and preventative aid, i.e. it cures and prevents acne.

In PDT, light of specific wavelengths is spread across the facial skin to systematically kill the bacteria responsible for the skin lesions. Before applying the laser, the skin is prepared by applying aminolevulinic acid. This acid enhances the effectively of the laser treatment. This is followed by a small session of microdermabrasion in a minimal manner that helps to remove the dead skin cells and even-out the skin’s surface.


Thermage uses one of the most widely-used mediums for improving the contours and texture of facial skin—radio waves. However, the machinery used here to control the radio waves and direct them at the required angles offers extreme precision. Thermage is often described as a non-exfoliating approach to facial rejuvenation. This is because it attains tightening of the skin and contouring without treating the upper surface of the skin in any way.

None of the steps involved here aim to exfoliate the skin to remove the dead skin cells. The idea is to induce internal healing of the skin and catalyze the natural process of tissue regeneration. The fresher, rejuvenated skin starts to surface within a few hours of the treatment. The stimulation of collagen ensures that the skin tightening sustains itself for a longer period.

Portrait Plasma Skin Regeneration

Portrait Plasma Regeneration is a breakthrough, non-invasive approach to getting rid of signs of aging. Unlike laser-based treatments that put forth the risk of harming the skin, Portrait Plasma treatment uses a different treatment aid, called plasma. The plasma is actually nitrogen plasma, a chemically-formulated compound. This material is applied to the facial skin in a high-precision environment. The plasma induces heat deep within the skin, promoting tissue regeneration.

This is also one of the shortest anti-aging treatments. Each Portrait Plasma session lasts for just about fifteen minutes. Along with eradicating the wrinkles, Portrait Plasma treatment helps to improve the overall skin tone, neutralize pigmentation and improve the skin’s texture. There is literally zero downtime for this procedure.

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