Scabies Treatment: Lindane

As a specially formulated type of scabies treatment, the medication called Lindane is effective for halting damage to the skin caused by the sarcoptes scabiei, a burrowing mite that can cause a person extreme irritation and other conditions by laying eggs under the surface of the skin. Lindane can be applied on the hands, face, torso, limbs, feet and anywhere else that scabies is commonly found.

Using Lindane for Scabies

As a topical solution, Lindane is available in various forms like creams, lotions and shampoos. All of these types of medication can be applied to the skin or scalp. The usual treatment with Lindane includes two applications that are done one week apart. Other dosages may be recommended by a family doctor as necessary.

Risks of Lindane

Lindane is not for every patient, and some who have contracted a case of scabies may not be good candidates for this treatment. Children and pregnant women are generally discouraged from using Lindane to treat scabies or any other condition. Lindane may also not be good for those who have trouble with their immune system. There are also some reports of overdosing on Lindane that can be an issue that patients will want to be educated about.

Qualified medical professionals will help patients find other cures for scabies. Over time, scabies can lead to significant secondary problems and cause extreme discomfort as well as health risks. Talk to your family doctor about how to contain and decrease a case of scabies with formulated drugs or natural remedies.

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