Scabies Treatment: Sulfur Soap

Within the wide category of effective scabies treatment options, many patients choose to use sulfur soap to treat the skin condition, which is caused by burrowing mites that lay their eggs under the skin. Ever since ancient times, patients have used sulfur soap to kill off these bugs and eradicate the symptoms of scabies.

Using Sulfur Soap for Scabies Treatment

Doctors and others who recommend treating scabies with sulfur soap will often tell patients to use in the same way as regular soap, working it into a lather with water and applying it to the affected areas. This topical treatment is one of the simpler types of home remedies for scabies, in contrast to some specific chemically formulated drugs that can provide a more powerful "insecticide."

Effectiveness of Sulfur Soap

One of the advantages to sulfur soap is that it has fewer side effects and medical interactions than a lot of chemical drugs for scabies. However, its relative effectiveness has been debated among patients. It's commonly recognized that, while sulfur soap might do a good job of killing off the bugs as they are born, it may not be very effective at all against the eggs, so that complete scabies treatment with sulfur soap may take a long time and many treatments, where other drugs can be effective in a shorter time period.

Ask a doctor about the best treatment for your scabies condition before going ahead with sulfur soap or other home remedies or chemically formulated drugs. Medical professionals with experience in dermatology can provide the most effective and least dangerous solutions for getting control of a troublesome scabies condition or other skin rash.

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