Scabies Home Remedies: Neem Oil

As a natural kind of oil, neem oil is one of the popular cures for the condition known as scabies. As a natural choice for scabies home remedies, neem oil is like other essential oils in that it can help heal the skin and soothe the symptoms of this progressive condition.

Scabies and the Skin

What happens in scabies is that a burrowing bug called Sarcoptes scabiei burrows under the skin, eventually laying eggs there. The eggs and bugs cause itching and discomfort. The rash can grow to cover more of the body with bumps or blisters. Allergic individuals will see a more serious reaction in the skin.

Using Neem Oil for Scabies

When using neem oil, professionals often recommend mixing it with raw turmeric, another useful herb for combating skin irritation. The neem oil, a product of the plant Azadirachta indica, is a multipurpose pesticide that is also used in some agricultural situations. Neem oil can kill aphids and other bugs, as well as the scabies mite.

To use neem oil as a topical agent, mix it with other less powerful oils and rub it onto the skin, or infuse it into bath water. Multiple treatments may be necessary to kill the bugs as they hatch.

Before treating the condition with any kind of natural scabies home remedies or medications, ask your medical professional about the best possibilities for containing and eradicating this uncomfortable skin condition. Doctors can diagnose and treat scabies in the most efficient ways, given a patient's particular condition.

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