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I have a hard lump in my nasolabial fold. Could it be related to the Restylane injections I got 7 years ago?
Restylane - 6 months ago1 answer
I had Restylane injections 7 years ago. Recently I developed a hard lump in the area. Could the two be related? If not, what could be going on? Should I see my doctor about it?
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Is it common for a specialist to recommend Botox for the forehead if injections were made in the frown lines?
BOTOX - 6 months ago3 answers
I had Botox for the first time in one area (frown lines). The doctor advised that I would also need injections in my forehead because, according to him, the muscles on my forehead would work harder to move the frown lines and the result would be more lines across my forehead. Is this true? Is this an appropriate recommendation? I am 38 years old. My main concern is the frown lines; my forehead only has small fine lines that aren't that noticeable.
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What is a natural remedy for keloids?
Skin Care & Cosmetic Products - 10 months ago1 answer
I had lower abdominal surgery four years ago, and it resulted in keloid formation. What is a natural remedy I can use to resolve it, or at least minimize its appearance? I've tried steroid treatment, but it has not been effective.
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I have holes on my face from previous acne. How do I get rid of them? Which soap is best for me?
Skin Tyte - 10 months ago2 answers
I have oily skin, making me acne-prone. I have holes on my face because of it. What can I do to get rid of the holes? Which soap is best for my skin?
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I have psoriasis. What is the best form of treatment for this condition?
FotoFacial/IPL Treatments - 11 months ago1 answer
I have psoriasis, which has caused scaly patches on my scalp and body. I also have a lot of flaky, dry skin and my nails are very hard and misshaped. What's the best form of treatment?
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Can Cosmelan be performed on patients taking Tamoxifen?
Cosmelan - 12 months ago1 answer
A patient on Tamoxifen presented in my clinic asking for a Cosmelan peel. She is following up with an oncologist every 6 months. Should I do the peel on her?
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How often should i exfoliate my skin?
Microdermabrasion - 1 year ago2 answers
I would like to try microdermabrasion but do not want to over do it.
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Is hypo-pigmentation a common side effect of IPL treatments?
Intense Pulse Light Therapy - 1 year ago1 answer
I have fair skin with a lot of freckles.
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I have Type 2 Diabetes and Hypothyroidism. Can I get laser lipo?
Lapex Laser Lipo - 1 year ago3 answers
I have both of these medical conditions. Am I a candidate for laser lipo?
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