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Dermabrasion Questions

I have very sensitive skin. Would dermabrasion be a good option?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
My skin reacts negatively to anything that I touch. If i slightly scratch it or my clothes rub onto my skin, it swells up and itches like crazy. My skin rises and tuns red wherever I have scratched. This often ... Read more
Methods to get rid of scaring?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
I had lipo a few years back. I have 4 scars midway up my back that are large, dimpled and are very noticeable. Also I have deep ance scars in the middle of my chest. Is there something that can be done to help ... Read more
Can I get a large tattoo removed by Dermabrasion?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
Or are other tattoo removal methods better? Read more
Does Dermabrasion leave scarring?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
is this a possible side effect? Read more
Are the effects of Dermabrasion lasting?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
Do the results of Dermabrasion last longer than other skin treatments like Chemical Peels? Read more
Are there any risks involved with dermabrasion?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
What are the potential side effects? Read more
Can I get scars removed with Dermabrasion?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
Will scars be completely removed? Read more
Will dermabrasion cause my skin to bleed?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
How deep does dermabrasion go? How do the results compare to strong chemical peels? Read more
Can dermabrasion cause melasma?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
I had a dermabrasion treatment that left dark markings on my cheeks. How can I correct it and get my skin back to normal? Read more
What procedures can reduce pore size?
Dermabrasion -1 answer
I have huge pores and I'd like to do something to reduce them. I'm looking for something under $500. Is there anything like that? Read more
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