The True Causes of Rosacea

People suffering from rosacea experience redness or pimples on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Many people call Rosacea 'adult acne' because outbreaks, or flare ups, resemble acne. Some patients even experience burning and soreness around the eyes.

Possible Causes

Experts are not exactly sure what causes rosacea, although individuals with fair skin and who blush easily tend to be affected the most. The condition also seems to run in families, leading many to believe that certain hereditary factors may play a role. Some believe that rosacea is caused by oversensitive blood vessels in the face. Another theory is that tiny mites that normally live on our faces may cause this condition. People with rosacea tend to have more mites than people who do not have rosacea, leading many to believe that this may be a factor as well.

Flare Ups

Flare ups occur when symptoms (facial redness, pimples, etc.) become worse. Various environmental factors may lead to flare ups including sun exposure, exercise, warm weather, hot baths, spicy food and alcohol. Stress may also play a role in rosacea flare ups. Temperature swings from hot to cold or vice versa may also be a source of flare ups.

Debunking Previously Held Beliefs

In the past, it was believed that alcohol abuse and poor hygiene were to blame for rosacea. Although alcohol consumption may lead to flare ups, neither alcohol abuse nor poor hygiene is a cause rosacea.