Is Rosacea Preventable?

Rosacea is a condition whose cause is not fully understood. People who suffer from this skin disease complain of facial redness, pimples, bumps and eye irritation. These symptoms are not continuously present for most patients, but flare ups may be very embarrassing.

Unknown Cause, Unknown Prevention

As the cause of rosacea is unknown, there is no known way of preventing the skin condition. Rosacea tends to run in families and is most common on people with fair skin and who blush easily. Certain theories exist as to possible causes of rosacea, such as oversensitive facial blood vessels or tiny mites found on the face, although the exact cause remains unknown.

Preventing Flare Ups

While it may not be possible to prevent rosacea altogether, there are certain steps that individuals who have the skin disease may take to prevent flare ups. This may also stop the condition from worsening. Tracking and determining what causes flare ups and avoiding those activities or environmental factors is the best way to prevent them. For example, some people experience flare ups when they eat spicy foods. Avoiding these types of food, therefore, should be helpful in preventing flare ups. Sun or wind exposure, alcohol consumption, spicy food, exercise and certain skin care products may lead to rosacea flare ups. Rosacea may be an embarrassing skin condition for many patients. For those whose rosacea causes self-consciousness, taking steps to avoid certain activities or environmental conditions may help stop the condition from worsening.

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