Tips for Choosing a Dandruff Specialist

Dandruff is more than annoying and embarrassing; it's a skin condition that can be damaging to the cells and progress, causing damage to the hair follicles as well. Dandruff is when the skin on the scalp becomes red and scaly. It flakes off do to this medical condition.

Dandruff is not only a condition on the scalp, it also spreads to other parts of the upper body, including the face, chest, sides of the nose and eyebrows. The help of a specialist can help you identify exactly the type of dandruff you're suffering from and how to put together a customized treatment plan.


When shopping around for a dermatologist, make sure you find one with varying levels of experience with dandruff. Also inquiry as to his experience with other medical and dry skin conditions. If you have other conditions and/or take medications, these can have an impact on your skin and be causing the dandruff.

Personal Product Lines

Many dermatologists and dandruff specialists have put out product lines and other branding surrounding their success with patients. When you find a doctor in your area with great success, look past his product line and research if he will work with the symptoms you're dealing with. Read up on the information he's offering.


Many pharmacists deal with the side effects of dandruff when working with patients on their medications. They may be able to point you to a professional, friendly dermatologist or other dandruff specialist who's worked with symptoms and medications like yours.

Regardless of the type or severity of dandruff you have, it's difficult to live with and almost impossible to hide. There are a number of products available to use at home and all promise to get rid of the condition. Before trying any of those products, it's important to meet with a specialist to learn more about your dandruff and put together a smart plan of action.

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