Cost and Financing of Hives Treatment

Hives is a skin condition caused by an allergic reaction. It could be from any type of allergy, including from the environment, food and medication. When hives is caught early, it can be treated simply with a topical cream. The most common places on the body for hives are the hands, feet, throat and face, though they can occur anywhere on the body.

Treatment Options for Hives

Hives is primarily a skin reaction and can be treated with topical creams containing anti-itch ingredients and antihistamines. Another option is Calamine lotion to help with the itching. Avoid hot baths and tight clothing which can both cause the symptoms to worsen. The cost of treatment is fairly low as hives can be treated with over-the-counter medications that can be found in almost any drugstore.

Financing Options

Because of the low cost of treatment, financing is not needed. Unless you need a prescribed medication or your case of hives becomes serious (as in the case of anaphylaxis), your insurance carrier will not likely become involved. If you do have financial concerns about the treatment, speak with your doctor about potential samples or finance options.

Hives are more irritating than serious and can be treated in a short amount of time with over-the-counter medications. The key to preventing hives is to find out what caused them and use preventative measures or medications to avoid a recurrence.

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