Hair Loss Natural Remedies: Yucca

There are several hair loss natural remedies that may work in stimulating hair growth or preventing more hair loss. Yucca is a genus that includes several trees, which can be used as a natural hair loss solution. The Yucca extracts are not a treatment for hair loss, but may improve the quality of the hair and clean the scalp.


Yucca is a genus of plants that can be used as a food rich in fibers, but may also be employed when making baskets. Presently, there are 49 species and 24 subspecies of Yucca known to man. The various types of Yucca may be utilized in alternative remedies also, being a common ingredient in Native American health solutions.

The Yucca tree has stems, flowers, leaves, seeds and fruits and may also be an attractive ornamental plant. The extracts of the root and the seeds are most commonly used. Yucca shouldn’t be mistaken for Yucca, also known as cassava, which is a rich source of carbohydrates and may be used in cooking.

Yucca for Hair Loss

Yucca is a Native American remedy that may be used for hair loss. The Yucca roots have been proven extremely effective and may be included in several shampoos recommended for people with hair thinning or hair loss. The Yucca extract contain saponins, which is a cleaner that will also reduce inflammation and itchiness. The saponins may also be effective in reducing dandruff, which may be considered a cause of hair loss in some people.

The Yucca tree root may be used in shampoos, but may also be used directly on the scalp and should be applied on a regular basis. The root should be peeled and smashed before usage. After applying the Yucca root, the scalp should be thoroughly rinsed. Yucca root powder may also be used and can be purchased in health stores. The Yucca extracts should be used externally only.

Yucca Effectiveness

Yucca is not a cure for baldness or hair loss, but the root extracts can improve the quality of the remaining hair and prevent further hair loss. The products are not recommended for long term use, as this can lead to scalp irritation. A short cure of up to 4 weeks should suffice to be effective. If there is no improvement, the Yucca extracts should be discontinued. Allergic reactions may occur in some patients.

Other Uses of Yucca

Yucca is a plant that is rich in fibers and may be used as a food source, which will promote a healthy digestion. The extracts of Yucca may be used externally in alternative medicine for:

  • Reducing swelling on the skin
  • Eliminating skin redness
  • Reducing dandruff

When used internally, Yucca may be beneficial for:

  • Constipation
  • Digestive problems

Yucca may also be used to make baskets or to start a fire, as the wood is very dry and have a low ignition temperature.