Hair Loss Natural Remedies: Nettle Root Extract

Among natural hair loss natural remedies, Nettle root extract oil is reputed to be the most effective of options. Recommended for topical application, this oil is reputed to cure mild-to-severe hair fall when massaged regularly into the scalp.

Nettle Root Extract Basics

The Nettle root plant is commonly referred to as Nettles. The botanical name of this plant is Urtica Dioica. It is also called the Stinging Nettle. A perennial herb, Nettle root is also used in culinary preparations as it exudes a strong flavor. The leaves of the Nettle plant aren't used for medicinal purposes. Only selective shoots and some parts along the top-end of the stem are used for flavoring foods. The roots are used for pressing-out a herbal extract. This perennial herb grows to just about three feet. The plant shouldn’t be touched without wearing some basic protection, as it is known to induce allergic reactions. There are various other applications of Nettle root extract, including treatment of asthma, arthritis, kidney problems and urinary infections.

Active Ingredients of Nettle Root

The Nettle root extract contains many unique compounds that make it such a potent, herbal remedy. For starters, it is heavily concentrated with vitamins C, E and serotonin. Other rare compounds of Nettle root extract include formic acid and choline. Typical plant compounds like flavonoids, trace minerals, carotenoids and lecithin further add to the anti-inflammatory properties of Nettle root extract. The extract contains some fatty acids or lipids that render its consistency similar to that of sebum that is found in human scalp. This ensures that Nettle root oil is readily absorbed by the scalp.

Type of Hair Loss Nettle Root Extract Treats

Nettle root oil is among the most effective of herbal oils recommended for arresting balding patterns. In fact, it can cure male pattern baldness that is commonly induced by genetic traits. Nettle root extract oil is able to arrest such challenging balding patterns because it renders an enzymatic and hormonal action.

Nettle root extract oil has the ability to block the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme that is chiefly responsible for male pattern baldness. This enzyme is responsible for acting upon testosterone that is a naturally-occurring hormone among males. Upon combining with testosterone, the enzyme stimulates the formation of a compound called DHT or dihydrotestosterone. DHT is responsible for initiating and sustaining androgenic alopecia or hereditary hair loss. Though this type of baldness is more common among men, it is also found among women. However, Nettle root extract has another unique action that sets it apart from other herbal oils.

Nettle root extract also impairs the action of an enzyme called aromatase. This enzyme is found in higher concentration among common wherein it reacts with estrogen to induce extensive hair loss. When combined with pygeum (different plant extract), nettle root extract oil can inhibit both these enzymes simultaneously. This is why Nettle root extract oil is recommended for treating both, male and female hair loss.

Nettle Root Oil Usage

Please note that some retailers offer nettle oil devoid of nettle root extract. This oil is not ideal for treating hair loss. Nettle root oil fortified with root extracts is retailed in various combination and potencies. Usually, the pure form of nettle oil is not recommended for direct application on the scalp. Its potency is regulated and effectivity is supplemented by adding other oils like olive oil. Applying lukewarm nettle root oil on the scalp ensures uniform absorption of the oil. This oil is known to treat the most severe of scalp allergies causing hair fall, including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

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