3 Tips for Using Athlete's Foot Cream

Applying athlete's foot cream to your fungal infection can help clear up the infection faster and stop the spread of the fungi. However, there are important tips to remember when using cream for a fungal infection. Failure to follow these tips could mean extended recovery time or even a spread of the infection.

1. Wear Gloves or Use an Applicator

The most important tip for using athlete's foot cream is to remember that athlete's foot is contagious. Touching your infected skin with your hands makes it easy for the fungus to spread to your hands, the rest of your body and to other people. When applying your cream, then, wear sterile gloves and/or use an applicator so that your hands never come in contact with the infection. Even after doing so, though, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after application.

2. Spread a Thin Layer of Cream

Resist the temptation to leave globs of athlete's foot cream over your infection, as this will help foster the type of moist environment in which the fungus thrives. Use your gloves or applicator to spread a thin of the cream over the entirety of the infected area twice a day.

3. Do Not Put on Socks Right Away

You don't want to create a moist environment by putting socks on directly over your cream. If possible, allow the athlete's foot cream to dry before putting on socks. If you need to wear socks so that the cream doesn't spread as you walk, make sure that you put on lightweight, breathable cotton socks and change them about an hour after applying the cream.