Liver Spot Removal: Mandelic Acid Products

Mandelic acid is among the most common ingredients in over-the-counter, non-prescription topical ointments retailed for treating liver spots. Usually, skin creams containing other curative compounds like vitamin C derivatives are further strengthened with Mandelic acid to help reduce liver spots and improve the overall skin tone. It should be understood that Mandelic acid is added in a minimal quantity in the cream’s formulation; it is a trace ingredient.

Mandelic Acid Basics

Mandelic acid is actually a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA)—a family of naturally derived biological compounds that are increasingly becoming popular in the cosmetic, skincare niche. Mandelic acid is derived from concentrated almond extracts. Mandelic acid is obtained from the hydrolysis of almond extract. It is reputed to be suitable for most skin types.

Mandelic Acid Uses

Mandelic acid is also reputed to cure acne and hyperpigmentation to some extent. Some dermatologists recommend Mandelic acid formulations for slowing down the development of wrinkles. However, despite its many advantages, Mandelic acid might not be suited for all skin types. Though it is not known to cause severe reactions, Mandelic acid might induce irritation among some users. However, Mandelic acid is more tolerable than other AHAs like glycolic acid. This is because Mandelic acid has a simpler molecular structure than most AHAs.

How Mandelic Acid Cures Liver Spots

Mandelic acid is able to reduce the appearance of liver spots in various ways. Firstly, it has a minimal bleaching effect. This effect is common across most alpha hydroxy acids. Mandelic acid is able to dim the coloration or hyperpigmented appearance of the liver spots.

Secondly, Mandelic acid is known to have inherently potent properties that arrest the formation of melanin. It should be noted that the presence of excessive amounts of melanin is the primary cause for the formation of liver spots.

Thirdly, Mandelic aid is an excellent moisturizing agent. This helps to camouflage the presence of liver spots on the skin along with promoting better healing of the skin, as well-moisturized skin is more capable of fighting the free radicals.

Fourthly, Mandelic acid possesses minimal purifying properties. The presence of any melanin-infused, dead skin cells along patches of multiple liver spots can be effectively treated with Mandelic acid creams/serums. This property of Mandelic acid is also referred to as being keratolytic.

Due to the combined effect of such properties, skin regularly moisturized with Mandelic acid creams is catalyzed into a skin rejuvenation state. This increases the ability of the skin to arrest further over-secretion of melanin, which helps to prevent formation of more liver spots in the future.