Liver Spot Removal: Alpha Hydroxyacid Peels

A liver spot is also referred to as an age spot, and it has a typical appearance wherein the skin develops colored specks that have a typical dark-brown color (sometimes with a reddish hue). AHA peels are a recommended option for treating liver spots.

Understanding Alpha Hydroxyacid Peels

Alpha hydroxy acid or AHA is a natural derivative extracted from common food sources like fruits. AHA is used in various forms for treating skin problems, including liver spots. AHAs are used as a part of skin creams that are aimed at reducing the appearance of wrinkles, for improving the overall skin tone. In the form of chemical peels, alpha hydroxy acid peels are used for treating specific skin problems like liver spots. Alpha hydroxy acid peels are found at cosmetic clinics and are also retailed in the form of self-use kits. AHA peels are preferred over conventional, chemical peels since they are derived from natural sources and thus, the chances of them harming the skin are minimal.

How AHA Peels Remove Liver Spots

Please note that AHA peels don’t cure liver spots, but are aimed at improving the aesthetics of skin marred by liver spots (they are a cosmetic treatment option). Alpha hydroxy acid peels treat liver spots through a combination of exfoliation and skin rejuvenation.

The peels are aimed at removing the topmost layer of the skin. This layer is comprised of dead skin cells or keratinized cells, i.e. the dead cells containing the skin protein, keratin. The presence of this protein makes these cells impervious to usual cleaning regimens. AHA peels induce an exfoliating action of the dead cells, helping to lighten the overall skin tone. This is particularly effective in reducing the hyperpigmented appearance of the liver spots; AHA peels lighten or bleach the liver spot areas.

The removal of dead skin cells allows the underlying layer of new skin cells to rise to the surface. The new, developing stratum corneum (outermost layer of skin) is more adept at camouflaging the liver spots as the new skin cells render a brighter skin tone—this form of skin rejuvenation is a self-sustaining process that lasts for weeks after the AHA peel treatment.