Is Aloe Vera Gel Effective for Age Spots Removal?

Age spots, also known as liver spots, are brown patches of skin that generally begin to appear as people grow older, usually in their 40's and above. They are most frequently found on the backs of the hands, on the legs, arms, neck and occasionally on the face. Age spots are caused by sun exposure and not through liver disorders. They are called 'liver spots' because of their color. Age spots are not dangerous or painful, although some skin cancer lesions might be mistaken for age spots, and they should be checked by a doctor if they change shape or color. Age spots are unsightly, and people usually prefer to remove them, however, medical treatments can be costly and may even scar the skin. Natural remedies, such as aloe vera gel, are much better for the skin.

Using Aloe Gel to Reduce Age Spots

Aloe vera gel is the inner pith of the aloe leaf. It can be bought, but is better fresh and aloe vera is an easy and attractive plant to grow. To apply aloe gel to age spots, remove part of a leaf from the plant and split the skin with a knife. Pull the skin back to expose the gel like pith, then rub it on the spots. This should be done twice per day for a least a month before expecting results.

Alternatively, there are many different recipes that mix aloe gel with other natural ingredients that may help to reduce age spots. Some of these are lemon juice, rose hip oil, apple cider vinegar and onion juice. An application of vitamin E may also help. However, remember that age spots are caused by long term sun exposure and the best way of combating them is to prevent them by using an effective sunscreen. They are not caused by internal disorders. Ingesting aloe vera or other ingredients, while possibly useful for other reasons, will not reduce age spots.

Is Aloe Vera Effective?

Aloe vera is a skin restorative and has been scientifically proved to help reduce pain and hasten the speed at which sunburn heals. While there is no scientific consensus yet as to the effectiveness of aloe vera gel on age spots, they are also caused by damage from skin exposure to the sun and so it is certainly possible that aloe gel can improve their appearance. There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence pointing to the effectiveness of aloe vera gel in reducing age spots, and as it is an entirely natural and cheap product. Aloe vera is entirely non-toxic when used externally, with no known side effects and it will not harm the skin. In fact, it will moisturize and improve skin. So, while the effectiveness of aloe has not been proved beyond doubt, it will not hurt to try it.

Prevention of age spots through reducing sun exposure is the best long term strategy, however, using aloe gel on existing age spots can help to improve their appearance. This cheap and non-toxic herbal remedy can help to promote blemish free skin.