Is Aloe Vera Gel Effective for Removing Skin Rashes?

Aloe vera is used for treating different kinds of skin disorders among which, its use for treating skin rashes is highly recommended. The aloe vera plant is also called the Lily of Desert. This succulent plant looks a lot like cactus and contains a unique kind of resin that is extracted for creating aloe gel products. The stem of the plant and its leaves contain aloe gel in heavy concentration. Aloe gel is commonly used in many types of cosmetic and medicinal preparations.

Aloe Vera Gel's Effectiveness in Treating Skin Rashes

Aloe vera gel contains two natural compounds that make it an effective aid for treating skin rashes. These are mannose and glucose—two types of sugars that are responsible for the healing action of aloe gel. These sugars promote healing of the skin. Aloe vera gel contains sterols that are established anti-inflammatory agents. The chief anti-inflammatory sterols are phenylaianine and tryptophane—two kinds of amino acids.

Aloe vera gel also contains a complex mixture of vitamins B and C and minerals such as zinc. These nutrients are very important for fighting the infection that might be causing the rash. The gel consists of rare compounds called anthraquinones. These are very useful for combating the inflammation and restricting the allergic reactions causing the rash.

Aloe vera gel acts as a stimulator modulator. Upon application on the skin rash, it acts upon the immune system. It tends to temporarily impair the nerves responsible for the body’s exaggerated immune reaction. This helps to neutralize the inflammation-like hue of the skin rash.

    Types of Skin Rashes Aloe Vera Gel Treats

    Eczema is a chronic skin condition that causes rashes to occur on different parts of the body. Eczema rash is characterized by the presence of red, flaky patches on the skin. The skin is usually very dry and itchy and prone to blistering since its top surface is very vulnerable. Aloe vera cream contains natural hydrating properties that help to counter the extreme dryness. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe gel make it ideal for topical application in cases of eczema. Aloe vera shampoos are recommended for people suffering from eczema of scalp.

    Prickly Heat Rash is one of the most common types of skin rashes. This rash arises when the sweat glands are either in hyperactivity or blocked by the excess sweat. The rash arises in the form of reddish blisters. The cooling action of aloe vera makes it perfect for treating such rashes. The anti-oxidants found in the gel ensure that blocked sweat pores are freed from the grime while active ingredients like zinc ensure that the spread of rash is limited.

    Types of Skin Rashes Aloe Vera Gel Doesn’t Treat

    The rash caused by Shingles is viral in nature. The resulting blister-like rash can be very painful. Shingles is caused by the herpes zoster virus and it needs antibiotic treatment. The rash follows a nerve path and such symptoms cannot be restricted with the application of aloe vera gel.

    A Seborrhea Rash is a severe form of scaling of the skin is usually found in infants. Though the rash might show some initial improvement with aloe vera gel, it is not able to cure the rash or reduce the symptoms in a remarkable manner. The application of aloe gel in very young patients may be contradicted. This rash usually arises as a hereditary problem and needs treatment with prescription medications like corticosteroid creams.