5 Ways to Help Prevent Cellulite

Cellulite is a common problem affecting mostly women, but may be met in men also. Even though cellulite does not cause pain, it is considered unaesthetic and women dread the thought of having to deal with this problem. In some cases, cellulite can be prevented. However, in order to prevent cellulite, it is important to know when this can appear.

Cellulite can occur due to the sudden stretch of connective tissues (i.e. weight loss, pregnancy, growth), but may also be a result of abnormal hormonal activity and genetics. If the cellulite is genetic, it cannot be prevented. However, in the other cases, there are a few means to prevent cellulite.

1. Rich Moisturizing Creams

If you are pregnant or know that you are going to gain some weight, you can prevent the occurrence of cellulite if you use some rich moisturizing creams on the areas where you are most likely to deposit fat. Shea butter or cocoa butter are ideal and will keep the skin hydrated and the connective tissue can stretch without causing cellulite.

For instance, if you are pregnant, you will most likely develop cellulite on your stomach and hips area, so you will have to insist on these areas, rubbing cream two times per day to prevent the formation of the orange peel skin.

If you think you are gaining weight, you have to analyze your body. If you tend to deposit fat on your stomach and hips, use abundant moisturizing cream on these areas. If you are more likely to deposit fat on your thighs and buttocks, use cocoa butter on these areas. However, it may help to apply cream on your entire body so that your skin is hydrated.

2. Exercise

Exercise is important to prevent cellulite; the movement will stimulate the blood flow and keep the tissues nourished. In addition, the body will also eliminate toxins, which may contribute to the formation of cellulite.

If you are pregnant, choose activities that are suitable for pregnancy or opt for pregnancy massages, which may have similar effects as exercise.

3. Diet Improvement

Your diet needs to be improved and you have to get your share of antioxidants, which can keep cellulite at bay. Saturated fats should be eliminated from your diet and the amount of fibers can also be supplemented to promote healthy digestion.

4. Drink Liquids

If you are likely to develop cellulite, you will need to hydrate in order to prevent the occurrence of cellulite. The liquids can help hydrate the cells from the inside and will promote circulation.

5. Regular Massages

A massage can improve the circulation of blood and may also stretch the connective tissues. Massage may also reduce the amount of fat stored and reduce toxins from the body.

A recent study has revealed that over 80% of women are affected by cellulite, so it is important to try prevent the onset of cellulite and start a healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.