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Skin Cancer Articles

  • What’s This Strange Mole? Self-Examination For Skin Cancer
    Most people have freckles, birthmarks, or moles, but any irregularities or a change in the shape, edge, colour or size can be warning signs of skin cancer. Skin cancer can take 20 years or more to develop. Many forms grow slowly...
  • Skin Cancer in the News: New Treatment and Evaluation
    Skin cancer has made the news in recent weeks with two items that may affect you:
    Imiquimod (Aldara™, by 3M) cream has been given approval for the treatment of superficial basal cell cancer.
    The ABCD guide for the diagnosis of melanoma has been re-evaluated. New recommendations suggest ABCD and now E for describing pigmented skin lesions that suggest cancer...
  • Skin Cancer: What Everyone Needs To Know
    Many people consider skin cancer to be only a minor health concern, and for the most part, this is true. However, in North America today, someone dies from skin cancer every hour. This is truly unfortunate, because most skin cancers are preventable or at least curable when detected at an early stage...
  • Should tanning bed be banned for use by teenagers?
    There is no doubt that the light and warmth of the sun makes most of us feel good. Small quantities of sunshine produce Vitamin D, which regulates our calcium metabolism. Most people look good with a tan so it is small wonder that sun beds are popular especially with the younger people. Like so many things that have a positive side especially in the short term will also in the long run have their downside...
  • Summer Sun and Melanoma
    The warmth of the summer sun can be a welcome change, encouraging outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, gardening, or even just sitting outside to absorb the sun's rays. However, we now know that being in the sun for too long can not only burn the skin, but can cause more serious health problems such as melanoma...

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