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Dry Skin Care Articles

  • The Best Moisturizers: Myth or Medicine?
    Who doesn't want smooth, hydrated, healthy skin? From basic formulas that claim to keep skin moist, to concoctions that promise an end to aging skin and wrinkles, the choice of a skin moisturizer can be overwhelming. You can look at information on moisturizers for different skin types...
  • Moisturizers - An Essential Part of Skin Care
    The truth is that moisturizers are a growing component of daily skin care and account for one of the most common over the counter products sold in the world ...
  • Great Skin Care Tips for the Holidays
    It's that time of year; parties, company dinners, family get-togethers and you want your skin to look great through the whole season. Here are some helpful tips to keep your skin looking great for the holidays ...
  • Dry skin - Combating That Winter Itch
    Winter is here and many of us relate winter weather with suffering from itchy, dry skin. Chapped lips, dry, cracked hands, flaking skin; all signs of the season ...
  • Fighting Dry Skin - Tips and facts you should know
    Moisturizers are designed to reduce water loss from the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin). In addition to preventing further dryness, they provide a barrier against soot and dirt, make your pores seem smaller and offer a temporary feeling of smoothness...

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