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Mild Cleansers

Different gentle skin cleansers are available for acne, there are several types of mild cleansers that you may use if your skin is irritated or aggravated. There are also several types of specific acne cleansers that you can use for daily skin care, oil-free and non-comedogenic products are usually advisable.

Over cleansing the skin can cause irritation and may aggravate your skin condition, as well as encourage you to use other products that will grease up your skin. This may then complicate your skin care. You may need to use a toner to remove the oil, which in turn may irritate your skin further.

Cleansers Can Be Grouped As:

  1. Wipe-off cleansers (cold creams and makeup removers)

  2. Soaps

  3. Water soluble cleansers - these are the most gentle

Water-Soluble Cleansers (Soap Substitutes):

These should be non-irritating, non-greasy, unscented, and able to remove some excess skin oils as well as cosmetics.


  • Spectro Jel™
  • Spectro Derm™
  • Cetaphil® cleanser
  • Dormer® cleanser
  • Aquanil®
  • Seaquanil®
  • Dove®, by Unilever
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