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Skin Moisturizers

An Overview Of Skin Moisturizers
Moisturizers are designed to reduce water loss from the epidermis. These do not reverse sun damage but they do prevent further dryness. They also can protect the barrier to soot and dirt and there is a temporary feeling of smoothness when these are used. The skin may swell slightly and cause some loss of fine wrinkles. The pores may appear to be smaller because of this swelling. Moisturizing is not required for those with oily skin.

Skin Moisturizers For Different Skin Types
Dry Skin: There are a small percentage of people who actually have dry skin on their face, these people will be dry on the cheeks and jawline. Many of these patients work outside in rough elements, and many of these people are over 50 years of age. For these patients a creamy moisturizer in a lotion or cream is very effective. If they do not have sensitive skin, they can wear whatever products feels good...