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Skin Cosmetics

Skincare With Non-Comedogenic Cosmetics
For example, a person with very oily skin may still get skin breakouts from products that another person with mildly oily skin may find non-comedogenic. A better term may be non-acnegenic rather than non-comedogenic, but this is not so widely used. It is important to test a new product on your own skin rather than rely on the label, before using it freely...

Oil Free Cosmetics
Oil-free cosmetics mean products that contain little or no ingredients such as isopropyl myristate, isopropyl esters, oleic acid, stearic acid, petrolatum and lanolin (especially acetylated lanolin, alcoholís and lanolin fatty acids). The label on the cosmetic should state that it is oil-free. This implies that the product has been formulated with no oleaginous ingredients.

Perfume Free Cosmetics
Perfumes are the most common cause of allergic reactions in cosmetics, which is important to avoid with rosacea, the following products below are perfume free.

Skin Camouflage
Skin Camouflage is useful cosmetic for covering skin defects... Sheer foundation needs two applications for moderate coverage, opaque foundation covers moderately on the first coat. Additional applications may be used, let it dry for a few minutes. Multiple thin layers may be used for maximum coverage, and loose powder may be applied with a cosmetic foam disc. After drying, excess powder may be removed by a complexion brush.

Skin Foundations For Different Skin Types
Oil-free, matte or semi-matte foundations are best, because they are least likely to aggravate the acne. However, these do not cover or last as well as the oily foundations, they are more difficult to apply and tend to collect around skin blemishes. Loose transparent powders applied over the oil-free foundation gives longer coverage. For skin with many comedones...