Scabies Treatment: Cetirizine

Cetirizine is one of many medications used as effective scabies treatment. It is also used to treat allergies such as hay fever. Cetirizine is a somewhat versatile drug. It is available as an oral drug in pill or liquid form.

Scabies is an irritating condition caused by insects called mites. Over time, mites can burrow into the skin, inflaming areas of the body. Without proper treatment, scabies can get worse and require medical attention.

Using Cetirizine for Scabies

Cetirizine is part of a range of medications called antihistamines. These drugs have various uses and are generally considered effective by doctors for helping with some scabies cases. The theory in treating with cetirizine or another antihistamine is that these medications will help relieve the itching associated with the condition. Cetirizine is commonly known by the brand name Zyrtec, but also goes by other brand names--some of them familiar to those with allergies. Cetirizine helps to control the body’s response to the mites and other aspects of scabies that can result in blisters and bumps on the skin.

Side Effects of Cetirizine

Cetirizine can induce drowsiness and some other side effects may apply. Patients should be sure to talk to their doctors about all existing medications and medical conditions, while providing a list of known allergies. Professional medical workers can evaluate a particular case of scabies to suggest the best and most likely cures with the lowest risks and side effects. They can also diagnose to make sure that something that looks like scabies is not a different kind of condition.

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