Scabies Treatment: Crotamiton

Crotamiton is a drug used as part of the arsenal of medications included in the options for scabies treatment. This topical drug is not the most common treatment for scabies, but in some cases, it can help clear up a troubling case of the skin condition. Scabies is caused by a mite that burrows into the skin. It can create itching, pain and a spreading rash that can lead to additional health problems. It’s best to look at a range of options regarding treatments for scabies.

Using Crotamiton for Scabies

Experts indicate that some doctors may use crotamiton as a topical solution for relieving the itching and other symptoms associated with scabies, although some suggest that the treatment is only effective in a small number of cases. This prescription drug is one of the more chemically formulated choices for scabies treatment, although some medical professionals consider it relatively safe compared to steroidal topical and oral drugs for advanced scabies cases. Brand names for this drug include Eurax.

Side Effects of Crotamiton

Some patients have reported side effects with the crotamiton treatment. In particular, crotamiton can actually increase skin irritation temporarily. Some other side effects may apply. Patients should talk to their doctors about all existing allergies, medications and medical conditions as some medical interactions may occur. Talk to your doctor before getting involved with any treatment for scabies to look at what your condition actually involves and what medications may be appropriate for a particular stage of this skin rash.

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