Cellulite Treatment: Cypress and Lemon Essence

Within the niche of Cellulite Treatment, the use of aromatherapy oils or essential oils is considered as an effective alternative treatment. Essential oils are pure concentrations of plant extracts that have wide therapeutic applications. The two most common essential oils recommended for cellulite aromatherapy massages are cypress and lemon essence.

Cypress and Lemon Essence

Lemon essence is an extract of fresh lemon oil, extracted from lemon peels and minimally diluted with alcohol. It has a slightly milky appearance and doesn't react when exposed to sunlight. Lemon essence has a yellowish or a dull-greenish hue and smells like freshly-sliced lemon. Cypress essence is an aromatic oil concentrate derived from Mediterranean or Italian cypress plants. This oil is diluted to a negligible extent and is usually retailed in an alcohol-free format. Cypress essence has a slightly spicy and woody aroma with a dull, yellowish hue.

Using Cypress and Lemon Essence

These oils are easily available at herbal supply stores, stores selling aromatherapy/fragrant oils and at online stores. It is better to confirm with the retailer whether the packaged oil is a pure essence or a diluted version, because many retailers offer lemon or cypress essence oils diluted with different, cheaper oils.

Cypress and lemon essence oils are used for bodily massages. Equal quantities of cypress and lemon essence oils can be mixed in a small bowl. It is better to proceed with the massage after taking a light bath to ensure that surface impurities on the skin aren't impacted deeper upon massaging. The oils can be slightly heated to increase their aroma. However, this should be done minimally.

While massaging, use circular motion to ensure that the oil is evenly spread. Massage thoroughly until the oils are almost entirely absorbed by the skin in the cellulite-afflicted areas. Ideally, you should allow the essential oils to work upon the skin throughout the night. The next day, take a bath to ensure that all the skin impurities that have been pushed to the surface by the massaging action are cleansed.

Action of Essential Oils

Cypress and lemon essence oils act by improving the circulation of bodily fluids; they act on the underlying blood vessels and lymph vessels. This raises the metabolism of cellulite deposits and aids removal of toxins. The improvement in circulation is further aided by the massaging action. These oils also hydrate the skin and have anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to reduce the typical puffy appearance of cellulite deposit sites.

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