Cellulite Treatment: Nutritional Supplements

Cellulite Treatment is one of the most challenging aspects in the niche of weight loss. Substantial cellulite reduction through conventional weight loss measures, like diet control and exercising, has largely proved to be ineffective. Even if cellulite amounts are decreased, it is hard to ensure that the overlying skin doesn’t retain the typical dimpled appearance that is associated with cellulite deposit sites. Rather than using invasive anti-cellulite treatments, it is a wiser option to combine regular exercising and moderate diet control with the intake of nutritional supplements that help to reduce cellulite.

Role of Nutritional Supplements in Cellulite Treatment

Please note that nutritional supplements recommended for cellulite treatment aren't a cure for cellulite. These nutrients essentially ensure that the cellulite-fighting processes in the body are revitalized, helping to reduce cellulite deposition over a period. For instance, amino acids don’t directly fight-off cellulite nor do they reduce the body’s tendency to retain cellulite. However, they are critical for the metabolic processes in the body that are aimed at metabolizing the fatty deposits. These amino acids are needed for ensuring that metabolization of fat proceeds in the appropriate manner. This means that lipids are used to a greater extent for sourcing the body’s energy needs. Some of the most important amino acids that are commonly packaged as a part of cellulite-removal nutritional supplements include:

  • L-Carnitine
  • Linoleic Acid
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Tyrosine

Similarly, some vitamins and minerals are useful for ensuring that the cellulite-loss sites retain their elasticity after cellulite removal. This is critical since sagging of skin is the most common problem associated with significant fat loss. Some rare nutritional aids and common vitamins/minerals that are commonly packed as a part of anti-cellulite nutritional supplements have been discussed below.

Gingko & Fish Oils: Cellulite Metabolization

It helps in the greater metabolization of cellulite since it promotes greater circulation of blood. Fish oils that contain higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids are needed for reducing the adhesive nature of the human blood platelets. This is a direct booster for the body’s circulation mechanism which indirectly helps to restrict the amount of serum cholesterol retained and stored as fatty tissue or cellulite. Besides fish oils, some other oils like primrose oils are often used in trace amounts in cellulite nutritional supplements, since they are rich in Gamma Linoleic Acid or GLA (which has an action similar to omega-3 fatty acids).

Vitamin E & Calcium: Cellulite Skincare

Vitamin E is important from two perspectives. Firstly, it improves the circulation of bodily fluids, aiding the overall metabolism rate of the body. This indirectly means greater mobilization (breakdown) of cellulite deposits. Secondly, vitamin E is needed for maintaining the smooth, wrinkle-free appearance of the skin that might otherwise sag due to loss of underlying fatty tissue. Similarly, calcium is an important anti-cellulite supplement as it promotes the elasticity of skin.

Vitamin A, C & Selenium: Cellulite Metabolization & Appearance

These two vitamins are essentially potent antioxidants needed for ensuring that the action of free radicals on the human skin is negated. This directly helps in camouflaging cellulite as healthy skin is less likely to display the effects of cellulite deposition. Antioxidants also ensure that the circulation of fluids within the underlying capillaries is not impaired by the action of free radicals.

Antioxidants help to fight toxins that are retained in fat-heavy tissues that can impair the metabolization of fats. Selenium is needed for ensuring that the effect of vitamin C and E is pronounced. It increases the ability of the body to absorb the vitamins and helps to increase their overall potency.

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