Bed Bugs

Bed bugs


Cimex lectularius
Cimex hemipterus

Bed bugs are red brown insects up to 5 mm in diameter that typically live in mattresses and can bite unsuspecting sleepers.

Bedbug bites are typically grouped and may be arranged in a line (so-called "breakfast, lunch and dinner" lesions). They are evident by morning as erythematous wheals, usually very pruritic, sometimes with a central punctum.

Examination of the mattress on its undersurface will usually demonstrate the insect. They are nocturnally active, and tend to disappear during the day.


  • The application of a pyrethrin based insecticide on the under surface of the bed is generally highly effective.
  • More toxic chemicals that might permanently impregnate the mattress and its occupant are not recommended
. Bed Bugs

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