How to Disinfect Your Home from Pubic Lice

Crabs or pubic lice are tiny little insects with legs and antennae that attach to hair shafts and host on human blood to feed and live. They are normally grayish-white or tan in color and are about the size of the head of a pin. These can cause feelings of incredible itching. Crabs or pubic lice are usually contracted by rubbing against another infested person and often by sexual intercourse. They may also be caught from the towels, clothing, bedding or linen of another infested individual. These insects live on their human hosts normally in the pubic and groin area, but also can be found in the hair of the abdomen, eyebrows and eyelashes, and armpits.

The Removal of the Eggs and the Pubic Lice

The first step before even considering disinfecting the home from pubic lice is to get rid of the crabs and eggs (nits). This can be done with medical treatments or natural home remedies. Petroleum jelly can be used for the eyebrows and eyelashes if nits or lice are present in those areas. Nits or eggs need to be removed with the use of a fine comb. Pubic hair can be shaved off if they are in the pubic area, following with a good shower and scrubbing. Assure that all members of the family are examined and treated, as any measure will not work unless all of the infested persons follow the recommendations and insects are removed.

How to Disinfect Your Home from Pubic Lice

The underwear or panties of an infested individual or almost anything made of fabric that has touched the skin, along with any used towels or linens and bedding, must be washed in hot soapy water and dried at a hot temperature in order to kill the lice. Items can also be dry-cleaned. If there are things that cannot be washed right away or cannot be washed at all--that may have been exposed to the lice such as certain jackets or toys--pack them in a tight sealed plastic bag for at least two weeks so that the lice can suffocate. Pubic lice can only live for about 2 days when not on humans.

Eggs could hatch in about 7 to 10 days, but again, insects will not survive without a host to feed on. Of course, discourage the use of any of the infested items until they have all been washed in the hot cycles. Vacuum the floors and carpets, the bed and mattress, and all of the furniture. Spray the house with disinfecting solution (not pesticide solution as this could be toxic) including pillows, furniture, the bed, and definitely spray the carpets. If car seats have been exposed to the pubic lice, they should be cleaned also.

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