Atherosclerotic Artery Disease

Atherosclerotic artery disease

Peripheral atherosclerosis produces, in addition to intermittent claudication and ischemia, sometimes frank gangrene.

Initial signs of a compromised arterial supply can be, paradoxically, hyperemia. This reactive hyperemia may be associated with some tenderness.

The development of blanched tissue, most frequently all or part of a digit, signals a further deterioration of blood supply. The juncture between the blanched tissue and the hyperemic tissue frequently will show a violaceous hue. The blanched tissue may eventuate to full necrosis.


  • Dietary lipid reduction may be helpful.
  • The surgical correction of vessel obstruction may be necessary.
  • Patients with evidence of vascular occlusion should avoid tobacco products, as these can further reduce blood flow.
Atherosclerotic artery disease

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