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The Dysport procedure involves a number of tiny injections directly into the facial muscles beneath the skin. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, and takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Before your procedure with Dysport, the treatment area may be numbed using a topical anesthetic, to reduce potential discomfort caused by the injections. Repeated smiling, frowning, and other facial expressions can cause deep lines and wrinkles to form in the skin over time. These so-called "dynamic" wrinkles are difficult to treat, and do not respond to typical wrinkle treatments, such as resurfacing and laser procedures. Dysport was developed to successfully treat these stubborn dynamic wrinkles, resulting in a more relaxed, more energized appearance. Dysport's primary agent, botulinum toxin A, blocks the nerve signals which "tell" facial muscles to move and contract during facial expression. Because these muscles do not contract, the lines and wrinkles do not form. Most men and women notice initial results immediately after the procedure, but full results will not be evident for several days, as the solution takes effect in the muscle tissue. You may also have some slight redness and swelling following the injections which will resolve soon after the procedure. The cost of your Dysport procedure will be based on the number of injections required for your specific treatment, but generally ranges a few hundred dollars fo each injection site.

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Founded in 2005, Rejuvé is a physician inspired clinic which offers the most advanced treatments in non-surgical cosmetic services, skincare, and wellness.  In order to look and feel your best, Rejuvé treats the “whole” person.  It begins “within” - focusing on healthy lifestyles through proper nutrition, vitamin supplementation, carefully managed exercise regimens, and balancing deficient hormones through natural bio-identical hormone replacement. 

Once the inner body is properly nourished and well- balanced, the outer body and skin can be enhanced through various minimally invasive procedures.  These non-surgical procedures offer patients safe, effective, natural appearing results with little to no pain or downtime. 

During your complimentary consultation, our board certified physician and highly skilled team of licensed professionals will customize a comprehensive plan to satisfy your personal needs and goals while complementing your rigorous lifestyle.  Whether you are interested in one particular service or would like an entire makeover, Rejuvé is dedicated in providing you the highest level of care in the world of health and aesthetics.

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