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Founded in 2005, Rejuvé is a physician inspired clinic which offers the most advanced treatments in non-surgical cosmetic services, skincare, and wellness.  In order to look and feel your best, Rejuvé treats the “whole” person.  It begins “within” - focusing on healthy lifestyles through proper nutrition, vitamin supplementation, carefully managed exercise regimens, and balancing deficient hormones through natural bio-identical hormone replacement. 

Once the inner body is properly nourished and well- balanced, the outer body and skin can be enhanced through various minimally invasive procedures.  These non-surgical procedures offer patients safe, effective, natural appearing results with little to no pain or downtime. 

During your complimentary consultation, our board certified physician and highly skilled team of licensed professionals will customize a comprehensive plan to satisfy your personal needs and goals while complementing your rigorous lifestyle.  Whether you are interested in one particular service or would like an entire makeover, Rejuvé is dedicated in providing you the highest level of care in the world of health and aesthetics.

Physician Profile

John Tang, MD is the Medical Director and owner of Rejuvé. With in-depth training in pain management, Dr. Tang deploys his experience and expertise in pain management and pain injections to the field of aesthetics. For example, his knowledge of botox to treat muscle spasms has a direct crossover effect to injecting cosmetic botox for relieving lines and wrinkles in the face.

In addition, his hands on experience with needles and injecting medicine in the joints, muscles, and spine makes Dr. Tang highly skilled when he does injectables such as Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, or Sculptra. Finally, his knowledge in pain control, provides patients with the necessary support to minimize any discomfort during any cosmetic procedure.

Dr.Tang's background in internal medicine allows him to understand the complex inter workings of the body – how hormones, nutrition, and exercise affect the body, aging, skin. As an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Dr. Tang keeps up to date with latest treatments in bio-identical hormone replacement, nutritional supplementation, and skin Rejuvénation.

Services Provided

We specialize in customizing each treatment plan to satisfy your personal needs and goals. From basic self enhancement treatments to anti-aging laser treatments or even body sculpting, Rejuve will meet and exceed today's demands for your overall health and beauty.

Dr. John Tang MD and his team of skill physicians offers a wide variety of dermatological procedures in Saratoga, California.    


Dr. Tang is a Board Certified physician, who received his training at Stanford University in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Kaiser Foundation in Internal Medicine. His 6 years of training after medical school and his long pursuit of knowledge in cosmetics and anti-aging, allows Dr. Tang to combine the complex theories and understanding of “youth” – both internal and external - into clinic practice and to the next level.

Stemming from an interest at an early age in dermatology, Dr. John Tang was trained as a resident in internal medicine that also involved several rotations in dermatology advancing his knowledge in general dermatology and dermatological procedures as well as cosmetic dermatology including botox, fillers, and lasers.

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