How to Treat a Sunburn with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an effective remedy for sunburn treatment, as it can both heal and moisturize skin, both of which are necessary for faster and more effective burn recovery. Aloe vera is also inexpensive and easy to find at most drug stores and general stores.

How Aloe Vera Works

Aloe is a natural moisturizer and antibiotic due to its properties containing lectins, polysaccharides, anthraquinones and mannans. It soothes irritated and damaged skin. A sunburn is among the most damaged forms of skin, so aloe vera's moisturizing and healing properties can play a vital role in the repair of the skin.

How to Treat the Burn

To use aloe vera to treat your sunburn, first clean the burnt skin gently with a scent-free soap. Squeeze the aloe vera gel or lotion on your fingers and work it into the sunburnt skin in a soft, circular motion. You can keep the area moist longer by placing a clean gauze over the solution as well. Reapply at least twice a day.

Instead of aloe vera gel or lotion, you can use the juice directly from an aloe vera plant as well. Squeeze the juice from inside an aloe vera leaf onto your burn, rub it in, and cover with a gauze.

Possible Bad Reactions to Aloe Vera

Do be aware that some people experience a negative reaction to aloe vera when using it on their sunburns. If you have a pervasive or high-degree sunburn, you may experience an intense period on itching and pain. Putting aloe vera on the burn at that time can make the irritation worse. To avoid this, purchase aloe vera solutions with no alcohol (ideally, with no added ingredients at all), and try the aloe vera on only a small section of your burn before you cover your entire burn.

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