Preparing for Your Appointment Regarding Stretch Marks

Stretch marks typically result after pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss (which may be a result of an illness). Before your appointment to improve the appearance of your marks, you can aid in the success of your treatment via the following:

Get All of the Facts Down

Your doctor will be best able to treat your stretch marks if she knows what caused them. Tell her if you experienced pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss. She will also need to know how old the marks are. The more recently you received the marks, the more successful your treatment is likely to be, although older marks can still be improved with treatment.

Make sure your doctor is able to examine all of your marks. Tell her your goals for the improved appearance of the marks so that she can explain realistic expectations and concentrate on the marks you find the most bothersome first.

The Day of Your Appointment

Before your appointment, do not apply perfume, oil, ointment, cream, makeup or lotion to your skin. Wear comfortable, loose clothing that you can easily remove or roll up as necessary and refrain from wearing watches, jewelry and other accessories. Avoid tanning or tattooing the area of skin in which you have the stretch marks and wash the skin with scent-free soap.

Usually, stretch marks are not a sign of serious medical problems that require medical condition, but you can make an appointment with your physician, dermatologist or cosmetic specialist in order to approve the appearance of your marks. Diminishing the appearance of your marks can help improve your self-confidence.

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