Preventing the Recurrence of Fungal Infections

Everyone has, in one way or another, experienced the problem caused by fungal infections. The truth is that everyone has fungi living on their skin, although most of them are not actively harmful to the body. However, some of them can create the kind of infection that causes rashes, athlete’s foot, and many others that commonly bother people.

One common infection caused by fungi is athlete’s foot, also known as tinea pedis. Athlete’s foot is an infection in the feet, that usually occurs between the toes, which causes horrible itches and tears the skin off. The skin will then excrete a whitish liquid from the outbreak. Another fungal infection is the jock itch, otherwise known as tinea cruris. This is an infection that affects the groin area. Similar to the athlete’s foot, this is caused by fungi that spread in areas left wet for a relatively long period of time. Ringworm is also an infection of the skin which lives in the epidermis area of the skin that causes itches and rashes.

Here are a few suggestions to avoid these and many other fungal infections.

Avoid Walking Barefoot

A lot of fungi live in dirt or on the ground. However, they are also active in bathrooms, locker rooms and gyms. If a person walks barefoot, there is a high chance that he will get fungi that causes athlete’s foot. Wear slippers all the time, as much as possible.

Keep Feet Dry

Make sure that the feet are dry, especially after a heavy rain. Keeping skin moist can turn it into a breeding ground for fungi. Changing socks that became wet is also not recommended. Practice good hygiene at all times.

Use Antifungal Ointment

Antifungal ointment is readily available over the counter in drugstores. Applying it twice a week on the bottom of the feet and on the nails twice a week can help prevent fungus from growing in these areas. If used to cure antifungal infections, the instructions should be followed.

Use Antifungal Powder

Antifungal powder is also readily available, and is also easy to use. It can keep shoes clean of fungi.

Keep Nails Short

Nails, especially the ones on the toes, can be a hiding and breeding places for fungi. Avoid fungal infections by keeping the toenails short and avoiding ingrown nails.

Treat Infections Immediately

Fungal infections can easily be shared between people, and so they are best treated immediately as soon as the problem is observed.

While fungal infections can easily be cured by antifungal creams and ointments, it is better to avoid them by making sure that warm and closed areas of the bodies are always kept dry.

If by any chance such solutions do not prove successful, it is best to see a dermatologist. The fungal infection could be a more serious issue that requires prescription medication.

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