Alternative Treatment for Rosacea

Among chronic skin disorders, rosacea is often regarded as the most difficult-to-cure condition. Rosacea has an unknown pathology wherein its exact cause hasn’t been established. Rosacea affects the skin and is usually found in people above the age of 30. Conventional medicines like antibiotics and medical drugs seek to control the symptoms of rosacea. However, such medications often have side-effects. Thus, seeking alternative treatment for rosacea is often recommended.

Manuka Honey Application

Manuka honey is increasingly emerging as a herbal cure for a variety of superficial problems, such as bruises or infections, that can scar the skin. Sourced from New Zealand and sold across the world, Manuka honey can treat many kinds of skin-related symptoms, including eczema, burns and symptoms of rosacea such as blemishes and acne-like scarring.

Manuka honey can be applied directly on the face. It is a hypoallergic agent. This makes it equally effective for the most sensitive of skins. Rosacea patients often struggle to control repeated acne breakouts that happen due to their excessively dry and flaky skin that is repeatedly invaded by bacteria. Manuka honey application kills the acne-causing bacteria. It gradually unclogs the infected follicles, helping the skin to heal faster.

Licorice Powder

This herb contains a potent compound called Glycyrrhizinic acid. This herb is used for oral administration, wherein it is powdered and consumed with water. Glycyrrhizinic acid is very helpful for controlling the sores, redness (erythema) and itching associated with rosacea.

Drinking Camellia Green Tea

Camellia tea contains biological derivatives like epigallocatechin that have been established as anti-carcinogenic agents, i.e. they aid the body’s natural defence mechanism against cancerous growth. The strong anti-inflammatory properties of this herbal tea are now being used for treating rosacea. This herbal tea works very well in limiting the tenderness and extreme skin sensitivity found in rosacea patients.

Applying Oatmeal Masks

Oatmeal is a naturally-strong anti-pruritic agent. This means that it helps to alleviate the general discomfort and extreme itchiness found among rosacea sufferers. An oatmeal facial mask can be prepared by kneading some oatmeal and flour with water. Oatmeal protects the skin against the sun’s rays, negating the need to use chemically-formulated, sun-blocking creams that can further worsen the symptoms among rosacea sufferers.

Tea Tree Oil Creams

A proven antimicrobial agent, tee tree oil is used in many herbal creams and face packs. It helps to eradicate the bacteria that increasingly invades the rosacea-inflected skin. Tea tree oil is also a natural, non-allergic moisturizer that helps to moisturize the excessively dry skin found among rosacea patients.

Body Cleansing

The field of alternative medicine seeks to cure all ailments by detoxifying the internal body systems. In fact, skin ailments like rosacea are widely regarded to be the result of accumulation of toxins in the body. This is particularly true to alternative streams of medicines like the traditional Chinese and Indian, Ayurveda stream of medicine. Body cleansing essentially pertains to gastrointestinal cleansing to scrape and flush-out the impacted stools and toxins that are found in people's intestines. This form of body cleansing includes:

  • Colon cleansing
  • Kidney cleansing
  • Liver cleansing

Such cleansing can be easily done by adopting any of the colon/kidney cleansing mediums like juice-based detoxification diets, colon-cleansing teas or herbal preparations like Psyllium husk for a few weeks.