Rosacea Natural Treatment: Burdock Root

Burdock root is a rosacea natural treatment that is traditionally used to help alleviate symptoms of the skin condition. The root is a member of a family called the "biennial thistles," and is used worldwide to treat various ailments due to its powerful medicinal properties. Burdock root is able to deliver positive results for skin conditions that may include rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. This is a natural supplement that can be purchased from health food stores and is sold in the form of pills, capsules, teas and ointments.

Why Does It Work?

Burdock root is an essential herb that eliminates toxins from the body by purifying the blood and liver. The root also stimulates and increases the immune system to help the body to fight diseases. Because it contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, burdock root is recommended as a rosacea natural treatment. When applied topically, it helps to keep the skin clear and healthy if used frequently. The root taken internally can help to alleviate rosacea and other skin conditions because it also functions as an anti-inflammatory agent.

How to Use Burdock Root

In order to prepare fresh burdock tea, infuse 1 tsp. of burdock root in a cup of boiling water for 30 minutes. The tea should be sweetened with 1 to 2 tsp. of organic honey to enhance the taste. The tea should be consumed daily to help the body fight bacterial and fungal infections. If you are fighting a persistent disease like rosacea, it is recommended that you increase the daily dose to three cups of tea per day.

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