Psoriatic Arthritis Prevention

The exact cause of psoriatic arthritis is not fully understood, although immune system malfunctions are associated with the disease. Researchers and doctors understand that malfunctioning T-cells that are supposed to attack only bacteria, viruses and other threats also attack healthy tissue in the body. However, the reason for this malfunction is not immediately clear.

Family History

Unfortunately, you cannot change your family's medical history. Individuals who have a family member who has psoriatic arthritis are more likely to develop the disease themselves. Infections may trigger psoriatic arthritis, so physicians may recommend certain steps to avoid viruses or bacteria, although there may be little one can do to prevent psoriatic arthritis.

Possible Risk Factors

Individuals who have psoriasis are more likely to develop psoriatic arthritis. This is the most common risk factor for psoriatic arthritis. Individuals aged 30 to 50 are more likely to develop the disease than others.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Making the right lifestyle choices may help to reduce the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. Eating right, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight may take some of the strain off of the joints and relieve arthritis. Before starting any exercise program, patients should consult a physician, as overexerting yourself may have negative consequences or may worsen your symptoms. Patients suffering from psoriatic arthritis are encouraged to consult a physician to learn more about coping with psoriatic arthritis and avoiding certain environmental factors that may trigger psoriasis.