4 Strong Antiperspirants for Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, also known as axillary hyperhidrosis, is a problem among many people. It is caused by the sweat glands overproducing sweat, in order to help the body cool itself. This can be controlled a little bit in some people, but many cannot control it and need all the help they can get from antiperspirants. Here are 4 clinical strength antiperspirants may prove helpful for these people.

1. Klima

Klima, developed through extensive studies and research in Europe, not only can help you dramatically reduce sweating and wetness under your arms, feet and hands, but it doesn't stain your clothes or bedsheets. It comes in a spray container with both quality and satisfaction guarantees.

Klima is easy to use. You should wait until your underarms are completely dry after a shower, and then spray four to five times under each arm. It will dry within a few seconds. If your sweating is very excessive, you can use it daily, but the recommended use is every five days. Showering could reduce the effectiveness, if you shower every day in between. Baths may be recommended instead. This company also provides foot and hand sprays, to reduce sweating in those areas.

2. Certain Dri

Certain Dri is another product that has been proven effective in helping with excessive sweating. This is said to be the most effective antiperspirant you can get without a prescription. It should be applied two to three times weekly before you retire to bed. There are both wet and dry versions of this antiperspirant. They also offer absorbent foot pads for those who have excessively sweaty feet. This particular product has been approved by dermatologists and is guaranteed to work when used as directed.

3. Maxim

Maxim is a third strong antiperspirant, recommended by doctors and dermatologists as one of the best ways to reduce wetness, and therefore aid in reducing body odor. Maxim is a roll-on treatment aqueous solution that is applied at night. This antiperspirant is unscented, so you don't have to smell like a man or a woman, whatever the case may be, as with many antiperspirants. Depending on your level of perspiration, you may require anywhere from two applications a week to daily use. This is meant to be used with your normal, everyday deodorant, which you can continue to apply as normal.

4. Drysol

Drysol is another extra-strength antiperspirant remedy. This is for people who have allergies or other adverse reactions to the other clinical antiperspirants, or everyday antiperspirants and deodorants. Drysol has been approved by dermatologists and doctors alike and dries up hands, feet and underarms. It is also available in a "dab on" solution and can be purchased in quantities that can last you up to a year, depending upon usage. There is no prescription required for this antiperspirant.

If you still can't seem to find something that works for your condition or situation, you may want to talk to your doctor and see if there is a prescription you can get to help reduce sweating and wetness.