Excessive Sweating? 9 Best Ways to Hide/Reduce Underarm Sweat

Sweating is a normal function that helps regulate the body's temperature. Excessive Sweating is caused by a hyperactivity of the nerves that control the sweat glands. Underarm excessive sweating is common and can be controlled with a few different methods.

1. Antiperspirants

Antiperspirants may reduce underarm sweat and eliminate the smell. They should be used immediately after showers. If the commercial antiperspirants don't work, you should get prescription creams or antiperspirants that contain aluminum chloride.

2. Shave Underarm Hair

Underarm hair can worsen the sweating, as it holds the sweat and facilitates the gathering of bacteria that will cause the bad smell of the sweat. Shave the underarm hair on a regular basis.

3. Wear Loose Clothes

The clothes you wear may help reduce underarm sweat. Always wear loose clothes and these will allow the air to circulate. Also, avoid artificial materials; opt for cotton, which will allow the skin to breathe.

4. Frequent Showers

More frequent showers may reduce the amount of sweat and will eliminate the bacteria that can cause the bad smell of the sweat. Take at least two showers, one in the morning and one in the evening.

5. A Change in Diet

Even though diet won't cure excessive sweating, it may be a factor that causes it. There are certain foods that will make the sweat smell. Avoid hot or spicy foods, fast foods, fried foods, onions, fish, garlic or curry. Try to increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also opt for a cleansing diet once every 3 months. Cleansing teas with natural ingredients can be found in health stores.

6. Avoid or Manage Stress

Stress is definitely among the triggers of excessive sweating. Try avoiding stress or try controlling the stress with different methods. Therapy sessions may help you to efficiently manage your stress.

7. Botox Injections

If the above mentioned methods don't work, there are other more invasive methods to reduce excessive underarm sweat. Botox injections can be used. Diluted amounts of botulinum toxin are injected in the armpit area and this should control the amount of sweat produced. Botox injections may be effective for 2 to 8 months.

8. Axillary Curettage

Axillary curettage is a less invasive surgical procedure that works like a fat tissue liposuction; during the surgery, the sweat glands are extracted. The procedure has permanent results.

9. Sympathectomy

Sympathectomy is an invasive surgical procedure that may be applied as a last resort, only if none of the above mentioned methods work. The surgery is complex, as it cuts the nerves that control the production of the sweat. The procedure may have serious side effects and complications. Some patients can get rid of excessive sweating in the underarm area through a sympathectomy, only to find that the sweating appears in other areas of the body. If the surgery is successful, the results are permanent.

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