What to Expect During Laser Liver Spot Removal

Liver spot removal includes a number of different treatments. They all include interaction with the multiple layers of the skin which causes many of the same side effects. Treatment options include laser, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, creams and cryosurgery. Your doctor will discuss the specific side effects and risks before your treatment.

Side Effects

With any skin treatment, you can expect to see redness, swelling, some irritation and possible bruising. Creams offer the least amount of side effects as they are a topical removal method. Lasers, chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments all cause a stripping of the top few layers of the skin and thus can cause irritation and leave skin exposed to the environment. Cryosurgery requires the location of the liver spot and the layers under and around to be numbed with a freezing agent, then a scalpel is used to surgically remove all skin layers affected by the liver spot. Because this is a surgery and you will have an open wound, sutures and dressings will be required.

Treatment Risks

With any medical treatment, especially ones causing open wounds, there is risk for infection. Always ask your doctor any questions you have before consenting to any liver spot removal treatment.