The Cost and Financing of Liver Spot Removal

The cost and financing of liver spot removal can vary greatly depending on the method of removal you use and how many treatments you need to have for complete removal.

Methods of Removal

The methods of removing liver spots include creams, laser treatment, cryosurgery, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. The most affective treatment is laser removal which can be done in two to three sessions depending on how many spots are being removed, how dark they are and where they are located.

Cost & Financing

The cost of liver spot removal depends on the treatment used and how many sessions are needed, but a basic laser treatment is generally around $575 per session. Because liver spots are mostly cosmetic, insurance may or may not cover the treatments. If you are unable to pay out of pocket, talk with your doctor's billing department for financing options available through their office or the parent organization.

A liver spot can be removed effectively with proper treatment. If you've tried over the counter creams and did not see the results you wanted, you may need a medical removal treatment. Speak with your dermatologist about the best removal treatment for you for the best results in the shortest period of time.