Liver Spot Removal: Hydroquinone

If you have a liver spot, or even multiple ones, there are a number of treatments you can use to get rid of them or at least significantly lighten them. Hydroquinone is one of the most effective ingredients used in skin brightening and liver spot lightening creams.

A liver spot is a darkening of the skin caused by an over production of pigment, or hyperpigmentation. There is no real demographic for liver spots, though they are most seen in older skin.

How Hydroquinone Helps

Hydroquinone is an acid based treatment that combined with other ingredients is used in skin lighteners and works to lighten the melanin in liver spots.


Hydroquinone is known for some risks including skin redness, irritation and has been associated with mutagensis and cancer. Before using a product with hydroquinone, talk with your doctor about the potential benefits and risks.

A liver spot is more cosmetic than medical and there are many over the counter creams and gels you can use to lighten liver spots while brightening your skin. Always look at the ingredients and speak with your doctor to avoid allergic reactions or other potential side effects.